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ICT in Practice Projects

As part of an ICT in Schools partnership we are offering a special opportunity to be involved in an ICT in Practice project.  An ICT in Practice project provides a context for partnership interaction and activity.
Projects are open to all new partnerships who are looking for a framework to build their ICT in Schools partnership.  The projects could be used as a whole of class ICT exercise or project based learning.  The projects could also be used as an extension activity by a teacher for a smaller group of students outside of the mainstream class.

The projects are representative of authentic ICT research and practice and are linked to the Australian Curriculum.

The ICT professionals working in the partnership will be able to showcase their careers, inspiring and engaging the next generation as they share their knowledge and enthusiasm for ICT.

ICT in Practise projects will commence in Term 3, 2015.

Arduino Project

If this is your first foray into robotics then you may be interested in the Arduino project. This is a great way for you and your ICT partner to introduce some hands on programming that gives immediate feedback to your students. Arduinos are the ideal starting point for dipping your toes in the ocean of robotics.

Arduinos are open source and there is a huge user generated resource available on the internet.  ICT in Schools has developed additional support material developed by teachers in our partnerships that step you and your students through using the Arduino.
Each partnership will be given a class set of Arduinos and support material.

Contact us at if you are interested in this ICT in Practice project.

The Mars Rover Project

It won't be long until driverless cars are on our roads. The Google Autonomous Car is now being tested on roads in California. NASA also has its own version of an autonomous vehicle the mars rover, Curiosity. The distances are so great that there is no way for a controller on earth to do real time driving so Curiosity must drive around the Mars surface on its own.
You too can start developing this technology.

The Autonomous Vehicle project gives you the opportunity to work with your ICT in Schools partner to modify a radio controlled car by adding an Arduino prototyping board to take the place of the remote controller.  Each partnership will receive an RC car, Arduino, some sensors and other bits and pieces to get the project going (additional kits may be available on a case by case basis).

Contact us at if you are interested in this ICT in Practice project.