Scientists in Schools

Complementary programs

There are many other programs that allow teachers, students and scientists to work together. Interested teachers and scientists might like to join one of these programs as well as, or instead of, joining Scientists in Schools. Some programs are national, and others focus on a particular area or group of participants.

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National programs


CREativity in Science and Technology (CREST) students (primary and secondary) undertake real-life open-ended science and technology research projects. At higher levels of the program links are made with industry or community workers for students to gain a new understanding of the role of science and engineering in the community.

Coverage: National
Base: CSIRO Education

Contact: Vicki Stavropoulos, National CREST Coordinator
Phone: 1800 626 646
Fax: 02 6276 6641


Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) works in partnership with developing communities both within Australia and overseas, assisting them to gain access to the knowledge, resources and appropriate technologies they need to improve their livelihoods. EWB also aims to educate Australian engineers and the wider community on issues of sustainable development, appropriate technology, poverty and the plight of disadvantaged people around the world. EWB was created in 2003 out of the passion of young engineers who wanted to make a difference using their engineering skills and resources.

Coverage: Education program activities in ACT, NSW, SA, QLD, VIC, WA. Offices in VIC, QLD and WA

Contact: Dan Loden, EWB Education Officer
Phone: 08 6488 8039


Revive our Wetlands

Schools that are part of Revive School Projects receive up to five days of practical assistance from a team from Conservation Volunteers Australia to help make their wetland project a reality.

Coverage: national
Base: Conservation Volunteers Australia

Contact: Sarah Brittle, National Revive Manager
Phone: 02 6247 7770


Tall Poppy Campaign

The Tall Poppy Campaign aims to recognise Australia’s high achievers in the sciences and to encourage young people to follow in their footsteps. The Campaign is a project of the Australian Institute of Policy and Science, and annually awards a small number of early career scientists ‘Young Tall Poppy Awards’. These scientists engage in education programs (including visits to schools and science-themed seminars) to encourage school students to choose scientific subjects at a senior level and to excel in these.

Coverage:Education program activities in ACT, NSW, SA, QLD, VIC, WA. Campaign offices in NSW, SA & VIC.
Base: Australian Institute of Policy & Science

Contact: Camille Thompson, Campaign Manager
Phone: 02 9351 0818
Fax: 02 9810 2406


Science on the Go

Undergraduate science and education students from Griffith University provide primary and secondary school staff and students access programs such as workshops, professional development, class visits, science shows and other opportunities.

Coverage: Gold Coast area, Queensland
Base: Griffith University

Contact: A/Prof Richard John
Phone: 07 5552 8532
Fax: 07 5552 8226

South Australia


Aims to interest students in science, to encourage them to study science at university and to consider a career in the primary industries. It targets science teachers and secondary students with the ability and enthusiasm for science.

Coverage: SA
Base: Riverland Horticultural Council

Contact: Peter Haines, Science Education Officer
Phone: 08 85413743
Mobile: 0429 231946
Fax: 08 8582 3503



Young Tassie Scientists

During National Science Week in August, early career researchers visit primary and secondary schools around Tasmania, presenting short talks and activities linked to their research. Find out what it’s really like to work as a scientist!

Coverage: Tasmania
Base: University of Tasmania, Hobart

Contact: Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology, University of Tasmania
Phone: 02 6226 2125


In2Science - Peer Mentoring in Schools Program  

This program offers second year and above science students the opportunity to volunteer as science mentors in secondary schools for about 1-2 hours per week over a school term.

Coverage: Victoria
Base: Monash University, La Trobe University, the University of Melbourne, RMIT, Swinburne University of Technology and the University of Ballarat

Contact: Megan Mundy, In2science Program Manager
Phone: 03 9479 2523

Western Australia


A secondary teacher's enrichment program providing science teachers with funded access to professional development, supported by exciting new curriculum resources and opportunities for interaction with leading scientists, science educators and multimedia developers.

Coverage: WA
Base: UWA (joint program with the Western Australian Department of Education and Training)

Contact: SPICE Coordinator
Phone: 08 6488 3917
Fax: 08 6488 1039