Scientists in Schools

Unmatched schools

The following schools are waiting for scientists to work with them. Can you help?

We have provided a map detailing the locations of all the unmatched schools. Click and drag the map to see other areas and zoom in to see more detail. Push pin markers on the map represents primary schools; balloon markers represent secondary schools.

If you see a school that you would like to work with, please register online and include the school name in the 'notes' section.

If there is no school shown that suits you, don't worry! There are many other schools who would be interested, but who have not yet registered and so aren't shown on the maps. We will gladly find a school to suit you - please register and let us know your preferences.

Please do not contact the schools directly. If you have questions about your involvement or possible matches, please contact us instead.

Scientists in Schools Mathematicians in Schools
Red pushpinPrimary school Red markerSecondary school Blue pushpinPrimary school Blue markerSecondary school
ICT in Schools    
Green push pinPrimary school Green balloonSecondary school