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  • Mr Marty Svihla, Upwey High School, Victoria
  • Mr Steve Francis, Vermont Secondary College, Victoria
  • Professor Geoffrey Brooks, Head of Mathematics, Swinburne University of Technology
Professor Geoffrey Brooks demonstrating Archimedes Principle

If you are the Head of Mathematics at one of the state's leading Universities, do you still have time for (not one but) two Mathematicians in Schools partnerships? Absolutely!

Geoff is an internationally recognised Applied Mathematician with a genuine passion for conveying how maths is used in everyday problem solving. In conjunction with his partnered teachers Marty and Steve, Geoff has provided career advice to small groups of students, tutorials illustrating principles of maths such as "The Mathematics of Football", and presented lectures on such topics as "Teaching Machines How to Count" and "Eureka Archimedes". Vermont SC has also put a "Geoff's Brain Teaser" in their newsletter with a different maths problem to solve in each edition.

Steve said, "The students have connected with his passion for mathematics as he led them in a series of challenges. They have been introduced into the possibilities of mathematics and engineering as a possible career path, and hence he has motivated our young achievers to take pride in their mathematics abilities and to strive for more."

Dr Geoffrey Brooks emerging from the tub

The lectures and quizzes are now available at Geoff’s inspiring website and blog as resources for other MiS partnerships to use:
You may even want to organise your own event similar to Geoff’s “Archimedes Day” and, like Geoff, have your MiS mathematician brave a tub of icy water on a bitterly cold August day to demonstrate Archimedes’ most famous experiment! Just out of interest, 69 L of water was displaced.