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Accelerating science

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  • Katerina Anderson, Campbell High School, Campbell, ACT
  • Brian Schmidt, Australian National University
When Brian won his Nobel Prize in Physics, it was exciting for Campbell High School students to hear about his experience in person after all he is the father of two of the students. Brian is at the top of his field but he always has time for his annual Campbell High School visit. His passion for his work inspires students to think beyond Earth's atmosphere with students asking questions like "Is time travel possible?" and "What is String theory about?"

"It has been fantastic to see the students engaged and thinking about things they may not have thought about before," explains Katerina.

Over the last four years, each class of extension science students have enjoyed a visit from Brian. This year he spoke about the meteorite shower over Russia, applying student knowledge of density and acceleration to calculate an approximate size of the meteor prior to entering the Earth's a tmosphere.

Using spectroscopes

Students love the opportunity to discuss all aspects of science with Brian, especially to talk one on one where their questions can be answered straight away.
Reflecting on the biggest benefit of their SMiS partnership, Katerina values the opportunity " learn from someone else. Usually teachers are the ones giving out the information so it has been great to learn new and exciting things from someone else."
Annual visits have included excursions to Australian National University and Mt Stromlo Observatory further providing students the chance to appreciate the wider scientific community.

Brian Schmidt presenting to Year 10