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  • Rex Boggs, Glenmore State High School, Queensland
  • Dr Noel Patson, Lecturer, Central Queensland University, Rockhampton

Year 8 students at Glenmore State High School have constructed a truncated icosahedron sculpture with the help of their teacher, Rex Boggs, and his Mathematicians in Schools partner Dr Noel Patson.

Rex’s students demonstrated perseverance and team work while constructing the model, the instructions for which were found here (external link).

According to Rex, he and the students enjoyed working with Dr Patson and designing and constructing the giant truncated icosahedron.They are looking forward to engaging in similar interactions in 2011.

Completed truncated icosahedron sculpture
Dr Noel Patson explaining the sculpture design Students were encouraged to draw and understand the soccer ball-shaped sculpture before building it.  Noel collected the necessary CDs and cable ties over several months, thanks to donations from colleagues.  After several hours of work, the model was complete.


“It is great to see students excited about mathematics. We had fun working together creating the giant sculpture. It was good also that we could turn CDs destined for the tip into mathematical art,” Noel said.

Photos courtesy of CQU News 

Dr Patson and students constructing the truncated icosahedron sculpture