Scientists in Schools

Add-in not add-on

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  • Ingrid Colman & Patricia Rees, Lansdowne Crescent Primary School, West Hobart, TAS
  • Craig Proctor, CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research

A partnership doesn't need to be an add-on to class activities, as Craig demonstrates with students of Lansdowne Crescent Primary School. He increases their knowledge of sustainable fisheries, along with contributing to their Indonesian lessons.

Craig's fisheries research frequently takes him to Indonesia. As a result, students have benefitted from his real life science as well as gaining insight into Indonesian culture.

Craig with student examining a tracker

Ingrid and studetns discuss Craig's photos

Photo packages of Craig's work

Craig tailors the information he provides while travelling according to students' areas of interest, determined during class visits. He emails update presentations written in Indonesian which Ingrid uses to integrate the subjects of science and Indonesian, normally taught in isolation.

This integration adds relevance, and highlights the importance of science in everyday life and learning another language. "I think you've got to be able to communicate in their language. Then they really respect you for using it," stated one student.

Ingrid believes the students have gained a better appreciation of complex issues through Craig's work. "He has made the issues of sustainability of fisheries and conservation of ecosystems real – these are no longer just abstract things they hear about in the media," explains Ingrid.

When asked what they had learnt with Craig, one student shared a new understanding, "I used to think fishing was just going out in a boat and catching fish to eat them. Now I think about it differently. Now I think every creature is really important and we need to understand them."

Examine growing bands in ooliths