Scientists in Schools

Fun with year one

  • Fiona Mayne, Carey Baptist College, Canning Vale, Western Australia
  • Steve Rogers, AJ Parker Hydrometallurgy Cooperative Research Centre

Fiona and her class of year one students think 'science is brilliant'. They have been working on an amazing range of science projects that would daunt much older students - from investigating the impact of the urban sprawl on local bushland to investigating ice and its properties. They have even started their very own Year 1 Science Club.

So when Fiona heard about the chance to introduce her class to a real scientist through Scientists in Schools, she jumped at the opportunity.

Steve talks to students about soil samples


Steve is also enthusiastic about encouraging young people’s interest in science, so was keen to be involved in the Scientists in Schools program. He has offered to spend one afternoon per month with Fiona and her class to run simple hands-on science activities.

Their first session together started with a question and answer session to debunk some common scientist stereotypes, then moved on to soil science activities including measuring the pH levels and other attributes of four different soil samples.


Students studying soil samples

Steve says that the students really enjoyed the session, and they learnt a lot from the practical activity. He feels that experiential learning can have a real impact and has encouraged his colleagues to get involved in the fun and rewarding experience of working with students.

Steve, Fiona and two students