Scientists in Schools

Partnership photos

Look what our partnerships have been doing! If you have a photo you'd like to share, please contact us.

Rowena Long with a student preparing to plant sunflowers Plant biologist Rowena Long works at the University of Western Australia, based at Kings Park and Botanic Garden. She is helping year 6/7 students at St Emilie's Catholic Primary School in Canning Vale, WA, to learn about plant development through a challenge to see which team of students can grow the heaviest sunflower. Read their showcase story "Planting the seed"
Students from Concordia Lutheran College in Toowoomba visited their scientist, Dr Bernadette McCabe, at the University of Southern Queensland to analyse raw and pasteurised milk. They will now design their own experiments on bacterial levels Students looking at a petrie dish
Three students placing a blue ice-cube in a glass, with a scientist looking on Nicky is a Canberra-based CSIRO scientist. She runs a lunchtime science club once a week at her daughter's school. In this photo they're making a type of density column.
These students are dissecting a squid under the guidance of a local marine biologist. The students are from Parap Primary School in the Northern Territory. Two students at a desk doing a squid dissection
Scientist and three students standing and talking together This scientist is David Noon, a geoscientist who is partnered with Alexandra Hills State High School in Queensland. His partner teacher organised a senior science breakfast, and invited David to be the guest speaker.
These students from Innisfail State High School in Queensland are on their year 11 biology field trip to Hinchinbrook Island. Their partner scientist, an ecologist from James Cook University, accompanied them to add her expertise to their learning. Students on a boat in a river
Man and woman leaning on sculpture outside Australian Antarctic Division Rod Seppelt, an Antarctic scientist from Hobart, has been matched with Petreah Carroll from St Joseph's School in Townsville. Each has travelled to visit the other (courtesy of Scientists in Schools), and Rod is helping students with their CREST projects via email and teleconference.
These girls from Sherbourne Primary School in Melbourne are measuring the carbon dioxide produced by yeast as part of an experiment provided by their scientist, who is a PhD student at La Trobe University. Two girls with a balloon on a glass jar
Scientist looking at leaves with two students Andrew Reeves, a scientist at the WA Department of Agriculture and Food, has been teaching students at Australind Senior High School about weed identification and control.
Scientist Charmaine Jeffery is a radiochemist who is helping Belmont Primary School in WA with their science classes. Here she's showing the students how to make a pH indicator with red cabbage. Scientist pouring liquid into jug with help of a student
A student with an umbrella-shaped solar cooker Dave Matthews from the Defence Science and Technology Organisation is working with Rockingham Beach Primary School in WA, running extension science classes once a week. In his first term they looked at the physics of rockets and made PET bottle rockets, hero engines and canister rockets. In term 1 of 2009 they explored solar energy and organised an inter-school solar cook-off in which students built solar cookers such as the one pictured. The top cooker reached an astounding temperature of 170C!