Scientists in Schools


Scientists in Schools partnerships have produced fantastic outcomes for teachers, scientists and students. Read some comments from participants here.

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Comments from Teachers

"Having a Scientist in my classroom is a little like, inviting a Jazz musician in to teach my music class. The class immediately comes to life and a connection is made in a way I could never achieve unless I myself was a jazz musician." (South Australia)

"My confidence as a science teacher has increased profoundly and I have renewed passion for teaching and learning science. This enthusiasm is contagious and my students are picking it up too!" (Queensland)

"It’s an excellent program that offers much more than you think - the possibilities are endless and the rewards immense." (ACT)

"There is a general air of increased motivation and excitement about science and there has been discussion amongst staff about quite bold possibilities for learning across the whole school K-12." (WA)

"For most of our children this is the first time they have met a scientist and many now say this is what they want to do in the future." (Victoria)

"Being with scientists energised me and made me seek ways to involve students in opportunities to exercise deeper thinking ... I have often used community scientists in my after school science clubs and whole school science days but only as one off speakers - this is so much more involving and real" (Queensland)

"The children were very relaxed in our scientist’s presence and totally absorbed by his knowledge and in depth explanations of their questions. The enthusiasm and expectation that was generated by his visit was stimulating and exciting." (NSW)

“I enjoy seeing the students learn really new material, stuff that they’ve never been exposed to before. It’s just as exciting to introduce them to real applications of the maths they have already learnt.” (ACT)

"[Our mathematician] makes the whole field of mathematics seem more accessible and has made the whole process of networking through Mathematicians in Schools very worthwhile." (Queensland)

”Scientist in Schools has provided opportunities for students to develop understandings and skills necessary to function productively as problem-solvers in a scientific and technological world.” (Victoria)

“It’s a fantastic and enriching experience for students to work with mathematicians who are working in the real world. I’ve got some students who now want to be statisticians. The students are so privileged to have these facilities made available to them because of the MiS program.” (WA)

"My [scientist] comes up with really innovative ways of approaching a topic and gives me ideas on how outcomes can be achieved. I have learnt a lot about scientific process and the language of science. In turn, she has learnt a lot about how to impart knowledge to primary school students and she has been encouraged by the enthusiasm they have shown towards her." (Queensland)

"[The students] have been introduced into the possibilities of mathematics and engineering as a possible career path, and hence [our mathematician] has motivated our young achievers to take pride in their mathematics abilities and to strive for more.” (Victoria)

“The opportunity to visit our partner’s labs was a highlight. It re-energised me as a teacher and re-energised my thinking in relation to what's possible.” (Queensland)

Comments from scientists

"I think it is a great way for me to look at my profession through the eyes of a child and to show them how science is a tool to help understand the world around us, plus show them that science can be a lot of fun." (WA)

'Scientists in Schools (SiS) can be just as flexible as you need it to be and the rewards are great. SiS can be just as flexible as you need it to be and the rewards are great.' (ACT)

"I find this participation in the education of children a refreshing and rewarding addition to my scientific day-to-day work." (Queensland)

“A lack of scientists in the future will mean we are not able to innovate and develop. Scientists in Schools is an investment in Australia's long term future. (Tasmania)

"Even if you don't have a lot of time after work or during the week, being able to find the time for a quick chat on the phone or reply to a teacher’s email can be all that is required to have a successful relationship. It seems a small effort goes a long way." (WA)

"I left the school this afternoon totally buzzing! To see so many students so genuinely and enthusiastically curious about the brain and see them all interacting so much was such a pleasure." (NSW)

"The partnership with my teacher and her year 4 class has been met with such enthusiasm that turning up each week has been a real joy.  Looking forward to more scientific fun in the future." (Victoria)

"I still can't get over the children's excitement and attention when I was with them! They remained engaged with what I had to say and hung on every word! I really didn't expect that level of concentration from such young people!” (Tasmania)

"I learned a lot from students, at least as much they learned from me." (Queensland)

"I think that [Scientists in Schools allows] the kids to see that science is not just confined to the laboratory - interesting interactions are occurring all the time." (Victoria)

“The flexibility is great. I am glad that we are able to come up with a structure that works well and is convenient for both parties.” (Victoria)

Comments from mathematicians

"You get to encourage and inspire young scientists and mathematicians and reflect on the core of your own work in non-technical terms." (ACT)

“I have been thinking about doing something like this for quite some time because I am passionate about providing teachers with good resources for maths teaching. The idea has only become a reality and been made possible through this MiS partnership.” (Victoria)

“I find the relationship rewarding in that I can channel important information and provide relevant and informative real-life experiences to those who are making a difference on the ground in educating our future mathematicians.” (Queensland)

“I have enjoyed the opportunity to expose the students to the beauty, breadth and applications of mathematics and statistics. It is very rewarding to share the fascination I have with mathematics, and to make the link with science.” (WA)

“I like to make mathematics fun for these young students so they enjoy it and want to keep doing it.” (Queensland)

“It’s important for students to realise that there are powerful and easy to use mathematical tools they can do useful things with.” (ACT)

"It's very gratifying to have a student be visibly excited when they find out that today is a maths day." (Victoria)

"With Mathematicians in Schools I get to teach young students who are very enthusiastic and really enjoy learning and expanding their knowledge." (Tasmania)

"Mathematics is a mixture of rigour and creativity, and I try to concentrate on these during the classes –exposing them to new concepts and spending most of the time on the things they find interesting." (Victoria)